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Fully Charged
Use as pre-workout, energy boost or appetite suppressant.

Need a boost?
These powerful capsules are packed with Caffeine, Glyvia™,
Green Tea + Coffee Bean Extract so you feel Fully Charged all day long.

  • Immediately heightens lasting mental and physical energy.
  • No jitters or crash.
  • Helps support blood sugar management for maximum performance output and optimum appetite control

lurralife fully charged


GLYVIA™Helps regulate blood sugar; improves appetite control and heightens mental energy.

Natural Caffeine with catechins (from Green tea extract) Stimulates the central nervous system to heighten mental awareness and physical energy; supports resilience and tolerance to exertion; Research shows that individuals consuming caffeine-containing beverages daily might have a lower risk for developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases.

Natural Caffeine and Chlorogenic acid (from Green Coffee Bean extract) Stimulates the central nervous system and supplies chlorogenic acids to support appetite control and mentation.

L-Theanine Reduces physical and mental stress; improves coping of stressful events; supports cardiovascular health and nitric oxide elevation; protects neurons from oxidative damage; focuses the mind.

Phenethylamine (PEA)Occurs naturally in the brain. Improves mood and physical and mental energy; supports focus and attention.

non gmo dairy free vegan friendly gluten free

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