LurraLife DeLite Sweetner
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LurraLife DeLite
A healthy sweetener that helps you maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

LurraLife DeLite
Sweeten your day while staying on track with your fitness goals.
You can have your sweets and eat them, too!

All Natural lurralife black icon Zero Carbs lurralife black icon Low-zero Glycemic Index lurralife black icon 0 Cals

  • All Natural Sweetener

  • Zero carbohydrates

  • Zero calories

  • Low-zero glycemic index

  • Reduces the amount of stevia needed for sweetness

  • Supports serum blood sugar control

lurralife delite

DeLite is an all-natural zero-carbohydrate sweetener that tastes and feels like sugar,
without the sugar calories or serum sugar spike; and without the
aftertaste-commonly associated with stevia or artificial-type sweeteners.

Our sweetness system rounds off the flavor profile of foods to take the edge away from the 'off' notes through a buffering of pH of the final solution at both the top (alkaline) and low (acid) ends of the pH scale. It also results in the requirement of 60% less stevia per serving due to taste receptor augmentation.

Not only is DeLite, itself, low-zero glycemic index, it supports induction of a specialized protein (GLP-1) that supports appetite control, serum glucose regulation and insulin health.

non gmo dairy free vegan friendly gluten free


lurralife black icon As part of a carb-restricted diet
lurralife black icon As part of a calorie restricted diet
lurralife black icon Natural organic living
lurralife black icon Weight management and fitness initiatives
lurralife black icon Stir into any liquid beverage
lurralife black icon Sprinkle onto cereal or other foods
lurralife black icon Use in baking
lurralife black icon Children can consume it safely
lurralife black icon People of all ages and life stages can use it
lurralife black icon Use it with sugar to lower the sugar requirement per serving.

lurralife black icon Zero-carbohydrates
lurralife black icon Zero calories
lurralife black icon All-Natural
lurralife black icon Low-zero glycemic index
lurralife black icon Reduces the amount of stevia needed for     sweetness
lurralife black icon Supports serum blood sugar control
lurralife black icon Diabetic-friendly
lurralife black icon Keto-friendly

lurralife delite directions

lurralife delite facts

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